In memoriam


No one who has been loved will ever leave – they live on in our hearts.

esterEster Lepik 06.02.1928 – 17.07.2002

Ester was A Founder. She was a woman of many firsts. She consciously divided her life into three distinct periods: kindergarten and the Estonian language, speech therapy and ultimately Pahkla. After helping to develop a new impulse at Tartu University she developed a new enthusiasm and this was that Pahkla Camphill Village could shine by freeing the destinies of people with special needs. She supported Pahkla’s life wholeheartedely as long as she was able and her enthusiasm fired us all.


Margus Ööpik 07.03.1956 – 16.12.2009Margus Ööpik 07.03.1956 – 16.12.2009

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Guido Veber 13.07.1972 - 11.03.2014Guido Veber 13.07.1972 – 11.03.2014

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DSCN6977 Kersti Smid 26.11.1971 – 18.10. 2015

Kersti lived in Pahkla Camphilli Küla, Estonia, since 22 years.
Half her life she spent in childrens homes, the other half she lived with us, being incredibly helpful, friendly, orderly, always being the right hand of the housemother. She thought more of others than of herself.
A third of her life she had to come to terms with an illness, which made her spend regularly some time in hospital. During such a regular check up she suddenly left her frail body. But her spirit and her will were so strong, that she lived much longer, than all the doctors predicted. Most people know her as the one, sitting in the weavery knitting socks. She could knit several pairs in the course of a week. Although we will miss her a lot, we are grateful, that we had the possibility, to meet such a special person. Thank you, Kersti!
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