ajalugu-11987 – we first learned about Camphill from the founders of Sylviakoti in Finland Kaarina and Freddy Heimsch.
1989 – we learned more from Margit Engel from Vidaråsen Camphill Village in Norway.
1990 – parents of disabled children together with Ester Laos decided that this type of village is needed in Estonia as well. Ester Lepik and Margit Engel started to take first steps to organize the village. When all formalities were overcome we finally could made an agreement to build two family houses and an outbuilding June 12th 1991. The buildings were ready February 14th 1992 and first villagers moved in March 31st. We had our opening party at May 24th. We ceremonially put a cornerstone of Helle house to its place.
1993 – we built a new stable and a milk kitchen
2000 – Vikerkaare house was built for workshops
2001 – since this year Pahkla Camphill Village is one of the suppliers of the service of living in the community to adults with needs for special care.
2007 – Tamme house was built
2010 – the first roundtable conference ‘’Social farming in Estonia’’ was held in Pahkla Camphill Village
2013/2014 – Männi house and milking kitchen were renovated.

At the 20th anniversary of Pahkla Camphill Village, the long-term head of Estonian Camphill Trust Council Jaak Herodes wrote:
„I’m happy to see the progress the Village has made. Pahkla Camphill Village is noticed in the parish, county and state. We have proved that people with different developmental disabilities are able to cooperate, to thrive community and its culture as well as to be essential to each other.
We have changed understanding of a human essence. We have earned respect of our neighbors; we have been invited more than we can visit. We are visited in order to be convinced how we manage our everyday life with its different problems.
The villagers of Pahkla Camphill village can be a model to everyone despite their ability of logical thinking. We are not feared but safety and our spiritual environment that is created by our villagers and co-workers is appreciated. “

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