Karl König says

These are the three great errors which have contributed to the wars and disasters of our present civilisation:
– Many consider himself the master and heir to the earth and the universe, the idea of god being but a mirage in the minds of primitive peoples;
– The basic instincts and the ‘struggle for existence’ which result in the ‘survival of the fittest’ are regarded as the prime mover in human development and have become axiomatic;
– Measurable intelligence became the criterion according to which a man’s standing in society, politics, economics etc. is evaluated. (To deny, that all this constitutes a powerful force in our modern way of life would be shutting our eyes to reality.) However, other powers are also at work and although they are perhaps far less obvious, their strength is of great importance. These powers originate in the hearts of many (who sense the oncoming disasters of this century with increasing certainty,) and in the longing of the modern human soul for a new way of community living, a longing to meet the other person essentially and to unite with him in work and life. […] The individual wants to shed his crooked belief in the supremacy of intelligence; he wants to meet his fellows, not as intelligent beings but as human ones. He desires contact with the heart of the other, with his eternal self. He also wants to regard the other, and to be regarded by the other, as something more than the sum total of basic drives and instincts. He wants to experience in his neighbour an image of God and to confess it. And when his neighbour experiences an image of God in him, both rise to their innate human dignity. Finally, men need to rediscover the evidence of Divinity in the world. But a man cannot achieve this entirely on his own. In companionship with others he can regain his certainty of the revelations of God and develop strength and courage in life. Wherever true communities are formed, the three great errors that have beset man in modern times will gradually be dispelled and redeemed. (Karl König at the official opening of the Botton Village Community, 27. May 1956 )

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