Pahkla Camphill Village has a long tradition of hosting volunteers. Over the years dozens of people from numerous countries have come and enriched life in Pahkla. There is currently a capacity for hosting six volunteers.

Working schedule

Life in Pahkla is characterized by seasonal work. In spring and summer a lot of time is spent outside, planting, harvesting and processing fruits, vegetables and hay. In autumn and winter time is spent cutting firewood and creating candles and carpets in the workshop house. The farm and milk kitchen run throughout the whole year.

A working schedule is provided to the volunteer that fits their interest and skills. At the same time trying out new things and stepping out of the comfort zone is encouraged. Own projects and ideas are also welcomed and encouraged.

How to apply

If working with special needs people in combination with farm work and community life appeals to you, then come join our team! 

To apply for volunteering, please fill in the application form and sent it to pahklack@gmail.com

Download the form here

If you are interested in starting to learn Estonian language, you can learn the basics here