Work life

Pahkla Camphill Village was founded in 1992 and has ever since tried to create a living environment that fosters the development of skills and abilities of adults with special needs. This is done through participation in the village activities such as household work, stable work, handicraft workshops, gardening, etc., giving everyone the opportunity to feel appreciated and a valuable member of society.

Home life

The villagers, currently twenty, live in one of the five residential houses on the domain, sharing the daily routine, and working with each other to make their house a real home. Every house has a housemother that helps to structure the household and support where need arises. The homes are essentially a place where villagers feel safe and nurtured. Volunteers from all over the world are welcomed into the houses as they contribute much to the feeling of community.

Social and Cultural Life

The villagers enjoy a varied social and cultural life with festivals, birthdays and other anniversaries being focal points for common celebration. Everyone is supported to participate in activities of their choice. There are visits to theatres, concerts, cinemas and museums. The simpler pleasures of visits to shops, caf├ęs, cycling in the surrounding countryside or a walk in the forest are all close at hand. At the weekly meeting, all villagers are able to take part in planning evening and weekend activities and deciding which events they would like to attend.