Different workshops

Here at Pahkla Camphill Village, we run a varied program of workshops designed to teach new skills and provide valuable work and life experiences to the villagers. The workshops are managed by individuals who are highly qualified in their respective fields, each having experience in supporting and passing on their skills to others. Currently there is a workshop for candle making, carpet weaving and herbal teas.

Candle workshop

From September until May one of the main activities is crafting candles and preparing them for sale. The candles are made out of 100% Estonian beeswax and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are carefully crafted by a motivated group of villagers and are meant to provide you with the warmth of twilight.  The candles are sold in a selection of shops in Tallinn, on fairs, from the online webshop and through personal contacts.

Carpet workshop

Walk into the workshop of the Weavers and you will be greeted by an abundance of lively colour and textures! Multicolored rag carpets, tablecloths, woolen socks, woven baskets and neck scarves are the result of patient crafting. The weaving is carried out on traditional hand looms, some being over sixty years old. The weavery operates mainly during wintertime and gives work to about a dozen people.

Herbal tea workshop

A lot of herbs and plants grow on our grounds. In light of being a self-sustaining community, herbal teas are produced and drunk all year round. The teas are strong in flavor due to their natural composition. At the same time they add up to strengthening the health and immune system. An extra amount of tea is made and offered for sale.