Help us with building our dream!

Do you have particular skills, tools or a coin to spare? Today, in times of ever-increasing pressure on social care funding, our need for gifts from our friends remains as strong as ever.  There are many different ways in which you can support us.  A few of our current needs are: 

If you love fixing things or upcycle old materials, then you are our person! There are many small things in our houses and workshops that need reparation. Whether it is plumbing, woodwork, mechanics, etc. Your help is most welcome! 

In order to have a strong social, cultural and ecological footprint, we are in need of more support than what the Estonian government currently gives us.

How you or your firma can contribute is up to you, whether it is with financial gifts, working tools, food supplies, etc. All is welcome! Give us a head’s up and we can arrange something together. 

We would like to have a small documentary/reportage about our village. Our current team lacks the knowledge and skills to do this, so we call out to you! An interesting project guaranteed.

Professional? Student? Amateur filmmaker? You are welcome! 

Are you interested in writing local, national or international projects? We need someone who has the time and skills to write projects that can offer us financial and social support.  If the project’s budget allows it, you may even get a small salary for it.

Being part of the worldwide Camphill network, we live by the antroposophical values on living and being. We feel the need to invite others to gift us with their antroposophical impulses. This might be through social therapy, readings or other social activities. 

If you wish to stay for a few days/weeks, we can provide you with a place to stay (lodging, food and other commodities included). Looking forward to host you! 

Your donation,
a world of change

AS SEB bank
Pahkla Camphilli Küla SA
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For donations from Germany:

This website was set up for people living and working in Germany. The website belongs to the non-profit organization ‘Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e. V.’, which sends volunteers to Pahkla and also supports volunteer hosting institutions in other ways. As a non-profit organization, you can issue donation receipts so that your donation can be deducted from taxes. 100% of the donation will be forwarded to the Pahkla Camphilli Küla.