A Chapter In Community Living

Pahkla Camphill Village is a small residential life-sharing community for adults with learning difficulties. 

We provide a supportive social environment that helps individuals develop their life skills and aim towards independence.  

This is done in harmony with the surrounding nature. The domain has a farm, providing dairy products, fruits and vegetables, as well as a workshop house where handicrafts including carpets, candles and herbal teas are made.


I’m happy to see the progress the Village has made. Pahkla Camphill Village is noticed in the parish, county and state. We have proved that people with different developmental disabilities are able to cooperate, to thrive community and its culture as well as to be essential to each other.

We have changed understanding of a human essence. We have earned respect of our neighbors; we have been invited more than we can visit. We are visited in order to be convinced how we manage our everyday life with its different problems.

The villagers of Pahkla Camphill village can be a model to everyone despite their ability of logical thinking. We are not feared but safety and our spiritual environment that is created by our villagers and co-workers is appreciated.“ 

(Jaak Herodes)