“It was already during our time as volunteers that the idea of a charity bike ride to support the community had formed. But it took until January 2023 that the three of us came up with a specific plan. Starting in Warsaw this summer we will be cycling through the northeast of Poland, through Lithuania and Latvia to finally arrive at the Pahkla Camphilli Küla in Estonia in early August.”

We are Annika, Mara and Anna – three women who got to know each other in the summer of 2021 whilst volunteering at the Camphill community “Pahkla Camphilli Küla” in Estonia. For one year we shared the same home, worked together on the farm and in the community houses and got to know and love life in the Estonia culture. 

Being surrounded by the beautiful Estonian nature and a strong sense of solidarity therefore regularly leads to everyone coming up with creative solutions for bridging the financial lean periods that are often present in the community. Some of which lead to challenges in the daily lives of the villagers. 

While costs of living are comparable to other countries in Europe, wage levels and living standards in Estonia are much lower. Another factor is that unfortunately financial support by the Estonian government amounts to very little for social institutions.

The Camphill community therefore relies on other ways of financial backing to make sure that villagers as well as staff can live a positive life together.

Whilst being on our bikes we hope to be able to reach out to as many people as possible who can donate some money to help us fulfill our fundraising goals.

The fundraising goals should reach every single villager, while at the same time also give the village the chance to expand on its self-sustainability.

a three day holiday trip to Saaremaa (an Estonian island) for all villagers and the community

bike repairs and service for all bikes of the villagers 

All the houses are heated with firewood. The firewood is chopped and distributed by the community itself. A big work! There is need for a new wood splitter to replace the broken one. 

To be as self sustainable as possible the community would like to make butter from the cowmilk. An important necessary item for this is a butter churn.

Because it would be nice to have dry places to stock the firewood.

There currently is none.

One step forwards towards saving electricity.

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